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How to beat the bookies

Betting on sports attracts millions of players around the world. Some make bets several times a year for the sake of pleasure and new emotions, while others do it much more often to win. However, only experienced bookmakers know how to beat a bookmaker and consistently come out in the black. In this article, we will tell you what methods players resort to get an advantage over the betting company.

How to beat the bookie

There are different approaches to betting. You should choose one or another method based on your skills, availability of insider information, and money. You will learn in detail about each approach, the risks, and its effectiveness.

Method #1 - Forks.

Forks is a common strategy among players who want to earn without risk. The essence of the scheme is that the user bet in 2-3 bookmaker offices on opposite outcomes. If you find a suitable event, then with such a bet, regardless of the outcome of the match, the player will remain in the black. Let's look at a simple example.

Let's say there is a match between Chelsea and Arsenal. The first bookmaker puts odds on TB 2.1 and TM 1.9. The second bookmaker evaluates the odds differently, putting odds of TB 1.9 and TM 2.1. In this situation, we need to make two equal bets to get a guaranteed profit.

At the first bookmaker we bet 100 rubles on TB 2,1 and at the second bookmaker a similar amount on the TM 2,1. Regardless of the outcome, we will get 210 rubles. Net profit is 10 rubles (10%). However, this method has serious disadvantages:

Difficulty in finding suitable events. Bookmakers are constantly updating their odds, so it will be difficult to find the right match. In some cases, the amount of time spent is not compensated by the profit received.

Cancellation of a bet. After you have made a bet on sports at the first bookmaker, the second may not accept the bet. Because of this, experienced players rarely use this strategy.

Method #2 - moving the line

The odds are constantly changing depending on new data that the bookmaker receives. The speed of line updates at bookmakers varies considerably and this can be used to your advantage. Let's look at one example of such a strategy.

Let's say that in the morning all the bookmakers put odds 2 on Chelsea's win against Arsenal. In the afternoon some bookmakers lowered the odds to 1.9, and in one of them, the odds remained unchanged. This means that most bookmakers are even more confident in a Chelsea win, which means betting at odds of 2 is considered profitable, as the quote is inflated.

Such a system also has its own risks:

  • Account blocking. Employees will pay attention to such a player over time. If you constantly use only such a strategy, you may encounter blocking of the account or problems with the withdrawal of money.
  • The risk of losing. A valuation bet does not guarantee a victory. It only allows you to slightly increase the chances of a pass, but the risk of losing is still high.

Way #3 - playing ahead of the curve

Quite a lot of players prefer to bet in play. In this case, much depends on how quickly the bookie receives and updates information about the match. If a person is directly at the stadium, he has a significant advantage. Regardless of what events occur on the field, the information reaches the bookmaker with a delay of 20-30 seconds.

Suppose, for example, the first ball goes into the goal. In this case, you can quickly try to bet on the TB 0.5. The only obstacle is that during dangerous free-kicks and penalties, the bookmaker's office suspends the acceptance of bets.

However, as with other methods, "playing ahead" has its disadvantages. If a player continuously bets in this way, he will eventually get noticed. Be sure to bet on other events before they start, to remove suspicion from yourself.

This method is suitable for those who like to attend soccer matches. Unfortunately, not every city has a big stadium where suitable matches are played.

Method #4 - match-fixing

If you are interested in betting on sports, you have seen advertisements with match-fixing. However, such information is not distributed publicly, and people who are trying to sell a rigged match are most likely crooks. In this case, you will lose money not only for buying such information, but also when the bet turns out to be a loser.

This does not mean that match-fixing does not exist. Athletes and coaches of clubs in the minor divisions quite often agree with each other. This is due to low salaries, so they want to make up for it with winnings from sports betting.